Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend

Well, we made it thru yesterday. Jeremy left for Hondorus with the Loli team. He will be gone a week. On Thursday we are heading over to his apt in Denton to get him all set up. When he returns, he will be calling that his home. Its hard to imagine our life with less of him around...but I know its all part of the plan. For that, I am grateful and at peace.

On a happier note, Jaxson is getting more and more brave in the water as you saw in yesterdays picture blog. He just said, "hey mommy, watch this", and he dove his head under the water. It just took a little coaching to get him to kick his feet and try to swim. I was AMAZED! Its fun to see as they develope and learn.

Austin spent part of his weekend preparing for chapel today at BCC. He is excited to be the worship leader this year. He has a GREAT group including Kylee Lyles and Aaron Ingram. My hope is that he will learn more and more about leadership. I know he will. He is a great leader in so many way, and yet has so much to learn. I am so very proud of him....proud beyond belief. I wish I could be at chapel today, but with all the work I've missed as of late, I just don't think its a good idea. But I will try to make this my last missed chapel. :)

Last night, Daddy, Sissy, and I went to see Julie and Julia. For Food Network junkies like ourselves, this was an outstanding movie. We all left pretty hungry after watching all that food prepared, so we went to Flips burgers to grab a quick bite. Made for a late evening, but it was worth it.

Got the house spic and span on Saturday...found two GREAT pics for my bedroom. I actually found one for my living room, but it was too much for this week. Its great though...I'll see if I can post the pic. Overall a great weekend. Can't wait til I can be home more often. I love that place.

Ta-ta for now!

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