Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bedtime with Jaxson

One of my favorite parts of everyday is bedtime with Jaxson. Our routine - well the routine we shoot for - is bath, bed to watch a little "tb", and then he comes to tell me he's ready for me to read to him. We read several books, not without interuption. Sometimes the interuptions pertain to the book I am reading and other times...not so much. Could be anything. He tells me stories about his day, tells me about his favorite colors, tells me how hungry he is and how much he needs a snack, and then whatever other random thought comes to mind. Last night, I didn't do bedtime with him, his daddy did. When he asked daddy for a snack, he specifically requested "green ham and ham". Thats what he calls it - green ham and ham. After explaining that we hopefully didn't have any green ham, daddy brought him peanut butter crackers and he seemed fine. The "tb" watching portion of his routine actually took place in our bedroom last night. It was just he and I. I asked him if he would hold my hand and he just came over to me and laid his head on me and started patting my tummy. Then he raised up a bit and just smiled this very sweet smile and went back to his side of the bed. So stinking sweet! Then he held my hand. :) I do love that boy....and the best part is, he loves me too!

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  1. my eyes welled up with tears...what a sweet moment.