Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Goals

So, The Nester has put it out there.  She told the world her home goals for 2011 and in doing so makes it possible for us to do the same.  Its true we just moved into our home in October...but I honestly can't think of time that we haven't "just moved into our home".  As you know...we move alot.  I am hopeful that we'll stay here for at least a couple of years.  We'll see what happens then.  But for now....I will do all that I can to make my home a place of love and peace, and for it to be obvious when you walk through.  I'm off to a pretty good start....but as you'll see I have MUCH to accomplish.  Its QUITE possible that I won't get it all done this year, but at least I have a goal that will hopefully help me stay on track with my spending....again, we'll see what happens.  ;)

So, I'll start with my living room, since its the one mostly done. 

I'm looking at this picture wondering what others see when they look at the picture.  I wonder what they will say still needs to be done here.  Here's what I see:

  • Both chairs need to be slip covered
  • Paint walls some other color
  • New, larger rug
  • More greenery
  • Make more pillows for couch & chairs
  • Wall writings  - I'm not sure exactly where yet, but I want them.
And thats about it for now...I feel SURE that I'll do OTHER things to the living room BESIDES what I have listed here.  Oh well...

Next room: Dining Room
Ok...I'm not sure where to start, but here goes:
  • um...can you say WINDOW TREATMENTS...or mistreatments as The Nester calls them.  It is time.  In fact, this may be my first project.  I've got to do something.  btw:  I LOATH that sliding glass door, AND its placement.  Not sure what I'm gonna do exactly.  Considering taking the blinds off all together and just building a cornice like thingy...
  • Rug for under table.  This is a NECESSITY, honestly.
  • May be recover the chairs....I know, I know...I just did them...but I think they may be too busy...idk.  We'll see.
  • Better wall hangings
On to the Master Bedroom.  This is truly a room that I could use some inspiration for.  I really think I just need to start over from scratch...I mean, I may even repaint the furniture...who knows.  There is really no need for me to make a list just needs HELP!

PS:  Don't mind the GREAT fabric laying over the REALLY HIDEOUS stool....I know, I know. 

And now for the Master Bath...equally as inspiration-less.
Seriously people.  I'll give it a shot:
  • I really would like to go with the "king and queen" idea in here.  All the crowns and stuff out right now are so great and I love the black and cream damask idea with that.  So as far as "stuff" goes, think CROWNS.
  • I'd like to paint the walls a deep red...or goldish/wheat color.  I know thats a little random, but whatever
  • Wall decal that says: Crowned with loving kindness
  • You can't see it, but there is a window above the tub, so window treatments
  • Frame the mirror out with a chunky gold frame-like wood...or something.
  • I might have to move the towel bar over to the left...
  • Figure something out for my makeup and hair crap...the plastic bin I'm using now functions GREAT, but has zero decorative value - obviously.
  • Monogrammed towels
The Little's Bedroom: for now, the littles share a room.  And so, we're pretty limited on space and room arrangement in here.  What you can't see is the closet doors that are at the end of the bunk.  Making this even more of a challenge.  But, here's my list:
  • Lower the window treatments and do something to make them more exciting.  
  • Wall decor...seriously.  
  • I think I need to rearrange the furniture, but I'm just not sure how yet, but I've got an aweful lot of wasted space.....ok...just back from rearranging. I basically just switched the two beds around, but pushed the bunk up against the back wall...anyway, not sure this is the best option, but its what i'm going with.
And finally, the Guest Bathroom:
I kinda like what I've started in here...but there are some OBVIOUS holes, like the big blank wall above the toilet [ehem].  There are some pics that I love at Bed Bath and Beyond...$20 each...and with the 20% off coupon, I could pick them up relatively cheap.  Just want to be sure I'm going the right direction before I spend the money.  Anyway....thats that wall.  This is the smallest room in the house, but still required two see below here's the second pic...lets talk:
  • Frame the mirror out
  • Add some greenery somehow
  • Warm it up in here...seems too sterile to me.
  • Wall decal above the door.  {I'm beginning to think it would be smarter for me to find great pieces of wood to put my "wall" decals on, since when I move, i can't take them with me...hmmm...thinking.....}
  • Art on the wall above the hand towel
There is more stuff, I know...but for now, thats all I can fathom.  Again, I won't likely get to *half* of this by the end of the year, but its good to sit down and organize my thoughts.  So thanks Nester!  You're the best!


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  1. Those are great goals! I've got to add mine to 2011 Home Goals too. I have similar projects! I used Mirror Mate frames on our master bath to frame our mirrors and what a difference it made!