Friday, October 23, 2009


So it has, once again, been some time since I wrote. Not real great at this. Maybe it will be easier once we get moved into our new house and settle. The new house will be GREAT, but its going to be an ongoing project. I'm excited about having the time to make it all exactly the way I want it. Its MY we will stay in for a very long time, hopefully. Rick has worked tirelessly on every room...with a little help from us. He really never ceases to amaze me. We have ripped out carpet and sheetrock, scraped walls and floors, the list goes on and on. And really...we're just beginning. So much still to do and we move NEXT week! It can truly be overwhelming if we let it. But I know we will make it and it will be wonderful to have something that is our very own.

Jaxson started Mothers Day Out at Bethesda last week. He really seems to love it. I will admit that I cried the first day I dropped him off. He has so much change going on in his little life. Lets see...biggest brother moved out, sissy moved back in, a new baby is coming, we are moving, mommy is now staying home, a totally different schedule, a new school. Anyone would say thats a WHOLE lot of change in any persons life...particularly that of a 3 year old. Overall, I would say he is handling it all very well....but we definitely have our moments. I try to be understanding...and still firm. Its a delicate I'm not sure I handle so well all the time. "Delicate" isn't exactly my forte. I do love that baby boy...he is my sunshine.

Austin has started a band with a few of his friends...all of whom are VERY talented. I can see this going very well. Lots of possibilities. Its interesting to see him move into this arena with such gusto and passion. He has all that it takes to make it...and I really do want to be supportive...but I won't lie, its hard sometimes. I STILL don't know how to fully rely and trust on God. I wish I were better at it. What a good opportunity for me to learn that just because things aren't going exactly the way I would plan for Austin, they aren't wrong. I love him so very much...and I want him to know that more than ANYTHING.

My new found love for blogging has been a fun addition to my life. I enjoy finding inexpensive ways to make our home beautiful....which comes in very handy at this time of renovation. I seriously need to begin posting pics of the new house and all the work that we're doing. Its sad that I missed the chance to get some before pics. It was a MESS, but its getting better and better everyday. I will try to do better in the future....

K...that's all for this post. About to go pick up Rick and we're going on a field trip to Home Depot. Should be fun! :) Ta-ta for now!

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