Friday, September 11, 2009

Too Long...

So, its been entirely too long since I blogged. That makes for a very long blog, so I'll try to do the cliff notes version and catch up.

Jeremy is out of the house...moved into his apartment in Denton. The first night he left home, I cried for an, sobbed. Alas, my tears were wasted as he returned home the very next day. I told him that it was ugly and mean for him to tease me like that....he agreed. Its been a few weeks now and he's doing pretty good. Roommates are a bit sketchy...but Jer does superb in those environments. He's just a light that shines no matter how hard you try to hide him. I love that about him. He started his new job today as a physical therapy tech. Its in Frisco which is a bit of drive for him...but he's excited and so are we! I am anxious to hear about how his first day goes.

Upon Jeremy's exit...our long lost Sissy returned home. We are so very happy to have her back. I love her so much and do miss her when she's not around. It feels like things are as they should be.

Austin has found a new love interest. Taylor Gannon has entered the picture and its seems to be a good thing for him. She is different than others he's dated in the past. A bit younger (Sophomore), but relatively mature for her age. We'll see what comes of this. He has also started working at Salt Grass as a table runner, which he seems to enjoy. I am happy for him to find joy in is work. Thats always important. He balances an awful lot in his life...worship leading on Sundays, Wednesdays, and school chaple; school; a few jobs; and now a new love interest. Its a lot for a teenager, but he loves the fast paced life he leads. I do worry a bit that its too much for him, but I remember being that way I gotta just let him figure out the beauty of laying around doing NOTHING all on his own. He will one day.

I have been in ultra nesting mode for about the past two months...which means, everyone in the house is at my beckon call. No telling what they will be asked to do. Thank God for people who love me and will do just about anything I ask. As a result, we have managed to spruce up the place quite a bit. New paint on a couple of walls in the living room, new dining room table in the kitchenette, some GREAT garage sale finds (my long lost addiction has been rekindled), cleaned out drawers and closets and all other tiny spaces, the beginnings of a new look in the playroom, and spray paint, have I mentioned spray paint??? OMG...what joy it has brought to my life! So, things are looking a bit different at our house...and for the better!

My baby bedding is underway. Cathy Ingrahm has graciously agreed to barter voice lessons for her son, Aaron, for the labor....most definitely MY GAIN! I love it all so much and will definitely post pics as we go. I am super excited!

I can't let this blog post go by without mentioning my little man, Jaxson. He is continueing to say the cutest things ever and I should be ashamed of myself for not posting them as they happen. The moments seem to come so fast. The most cherished moments have been the recent ones where, while lying next to me in our bed watching cartoons together, he has said something to the affect of "hey mommy, I wike waying by you all day", or "hey mommy, i wuv you". Its just the very, very best. Makes my WHOLE life! I love that boy! He seems to be getting used to the idea of little baby Parker coming along, and almost seems excited at times. I hope and pray the transition will happen relatively easily for him. I think it will. He's excited to teach him how to play cars and stuff. Its great to listen to him talk about it all. Should be a BLAST!

So, thats basically it. I will definitely try to keep up with life better than I have been. It just goes by so fast!

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